News Releases – 2010

Your Power Consultants - Here to Supply Expertise and Not Just a Price In this day and age, almost any kind of transaction can be automated and conducted entirely by computer, on the Read more

Banks Technologies Diesels Power Oshkosh Extreme Racing in the Baja 1000 It's not unheard of for experimental prototype vehicles to run in the Baja 1000, but even so, it's quite unusual. Read more

New Product: Monster Exhaust for Ford F-150 Raptor How do you make an awesome truck even awesomer? Sure, that's a made-up word, but the cool look and sweet Read more

The 454 Returns This time, it's a 1,300HP diesel. Check out this one-of-a-kind engine build that's after one thing: horsepower. The 454ci big-block Read more

Sale Time at Banks Power It's "All Hands on Deck" at Banks Engineering, as everyone is figuring out how to give Banks customers the best-ever Read more

DURAMAX DAY - A Backward Glance and Step Toward the Future Duramax Day was conceived as a way to bring together suppliers, manufacturers and integrators together with the media and businesses Read more

LML Duramax - Could It Ever Be Better The new 6.6L Duramax LML is the cleanest and most powerful Duramax engine to date. The question is, what will Read more

SEMA Recap What went down at SEMA this year? As usual, it was a crazy mix of hot rods and exotics, flashy Read more

The Fundamentals of Diesel Performance What do you have to gain from adding a Banks Big Hoss Bundle to your truck? The answer is a Read more

Banks iQ - More Powerful and More Options The Banks iQ is newly redesigned, with increased computing power and more internal memory. By John Espino A lot of Read more

Diesel Fuel - Part 2 Gas-to-liquid (GTL) diesel fuels are making their way into the fuel supply.  One company, Rentech, has developed a fuel that Read more

The Worst Enemy for Diesel Owners Diesel Fuel: A status report on the fuels that are available to diesel owners, and why it's still hard to Read more

The Truth About - Mileage Fuel economy is maddeningly difficult to measure and document-even if you are the EPA. In the real world, it's practically Read more

NHRDA World Finals Report Banks Sidewinder S-10 Wins Top Diesel at Topeka By John Stewart Bad weather plagued the National Hot Rod Diesel Association's Read more

Power Stroke Bulletproofing Tactics How to make a 6.0L more powerful while maintaining reliability. Read more

2010 NHRDA World Finals WIN Banks Sidewinder S-10 Wins Top Diesel at Topeka By John Stewart Bad weather plagued the National Hot Rod Diesel Association's Read more

Want to Know What Gale Banks Knows - Ask a Question Consider professor Banks your own personal Mr. Wizard. By John Stewart Regular visitors to may have noticed we're trying Read more

Banks iQ Travel Case Speaker System Add a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your Banks iQ with a protective case that has built-in speakers! A Read more

HURRY-HURRY-HURRY - Come see Jay Leno's Tank Car Now on Display Now is your chance to see the infamous "Tank Car" up close and in person at the NHRA Museum at Read more

Installation Made Easy at Banks Power Installation—the last hurdle before your plan for your rig becomes real.  Options include doing it yourself, having your Banks dealer Read more

Performance Diesel 101 - Gale Banks Engine Balancing Balancing an engine allows it to run smoother, get better mileage, and last longer. But how is it done? The Read more

800HP Twin-Turbo Duramax Crate Engine This supercharged twin-turbo marine engine could pave the way for your next diesel swap Read more

Smarter Tuner The Banks iQ is a full-fledged, handheld computer. Read more

Diesel Performance - Upgrading Instrumentation Gauges quantify temperatures, speeds and pressures to reveal what part of a powertrain may be in jeopardy, help tune for Read more

JOIN US ON FACEBOOK Keep up with what's going on at Banks Power on Facebook! Look for updated news and info on the new Read more

Air Density - The Key to Making Power Understanding air density explains why some air-flow products work better than others. It all has to do with air pressure, Read more

Diesel Performance - The Dyno Tool Ever wonder why different dynos yield different numbers?There is a wide variety of dynos in use, designed with different capabilities, Read more

Banks Dodge Monster-Ram intake New Banks CNC Ported 3" & 3½" Monster-Rams include multiple auxiliary ports! Just enough is never enough when it comes Read more

Being Dense Makes Sense We've talked about how an intercooler works and the importance in the ballance of airflow and density for real performance. Read more

Dyno Bound Here's something that's been a part of Gale Banks Engineering history almost since its inception, just now it is going Read more

Epic Cooling 101 When it comes to designing an intercooler, it's a balancing act where things could topple if it's not done right. Read more

Products for the Past and Present and for Safety Whether your truck is long in the tooth or brand spankin' new, we've got products for it. Read on to Read more

Wastegate Actuator Magic and the Jay Leno Tank Car Manual How much do you want to know about wastegates and variable geometry turbos? Lots? Then give this a read. Plus, Read more

New and Strange Powers for the Banks iQ Some great things are coming out for the Banks iQ. Read on and see why this device just keeps getting Read more

Supercharger Plus Turbo Equals Nirvana Tango Most people wouldn't even accept that a supercharger and a turbocharger can live under the same hood. Read on to Read more

Banks Passes New Diesel Test - Customers Secure This letter, straight from the desk of Gale Banks, explains the diesel emissions testing issue. Find out what it took Read more

Belmont Concours d Eleganaza photos Gale presided as an honorary judge at the Country Club's annual car show. Here's some photos from the event. Last Read more

Gale the Judge - Emissions Debate - Big Big Sale Gale to be honorary Judge at Belmont Concours d' Eleganaza;Senator Bob Huff and Gale Banks answer questions on AB 32;One Read more

Banks Breather The new Ram-Air intake for '99-03 Power Strokes sucks big time. But in a good way. Read more

Duramax engines - GMC Syclone - Senator Huff videos - Big sale FOUR STORIES IN ONE: What would you do with a Duramax engine; A racing blast from the past points to Read more

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute: Vegas Style! By John Espino My latest stint with Bosch was last week at the AFVi Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. Read more

Mickey Thompson Panel Discussion - Senator Visit - Bosch Ride-n-Drive Danny Thompson, Alex Xydias, and Tom Jobe were among the guests paying tribute to Mickey Thompson. Plus get the latest Read more

California Senator Huff tours Gale Banks Engineering Senator Bob Huff visited Gale Banks Engineering and talked about everything from diesels to hydrogen, and from reducing emissions to Read more

A Senator is Coming - a Dragster is Running and More FOUR (!) NEW NEWS STORIES: The latest on the dragster; Senator Bob Huff is coming to Banks; upcoming Mickey Thompson Read more

Mickey Thompson Panel Celebrates Record Mickey Thompson Panel Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Historic Bonneville Record A panel discussion will be held on Saturday, May 15th Read more

Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster to test and compete in NHRDA event Here's your chance to see the rail in action! The Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster will be testing at the Read more

California Senator Bob Huff to visit Banks On Thursday May 13, California Senator Bob Huff and his staff will be touring the Gale Banks Engineering campus and Read more

Banks Power IQ Computer - Smarts + Muscle In today's computer age, everything we touch during our daily lives is related to or controlled by a computer. Read more

Emissions bill debate Lawmaker wants AB 32 suspended. How would that affect California businesses ... and you? Read more

100 Most Influential People in RV History Celebrating the Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries Who — During the Past 100 Years — Made Lasting Contributions to the Inception, Growth and Success of the Business of Recreation. Read more

Smarts Plus Muscle Smarts + Muscle = Banks iQ Micro Computer and Six-Gun Power Tuner Read more

Duramax Twin Turbo Marine Variant Duramax Twin-Turbo Marine Variant So what did it do anyways? By John Espino Duramax Twin Turbo Marine variant: So what did it do anyways? Read more

What’s Happening Lately? What’s been going on here lately you ask? As always it’s been a bunch. Some of the stuff I can Read more

A Change is Coming at Gale Banks Engineering Taking a break in the Duramax Marine Twin Turbo development, and signing up to get even more insider news! By Read more

Forced Induction Madness - The Birth of an Intake-Charge-Air Cooler Here's a video of the monster Steam Punk Banks Twin-Turbo Marine engine in action on the dyno. By John Espino Read more

Forced Induction Madness - Twin Turbo Duramax - ala Steam Punk When you start with a design for an intake or an exhaust system it's rather simple... By John Espino So Read more

Size Does Matter - Installing the Banks Techni-Cooler A larger, well-designed intercooler will improve charged airflow and reduce intake temperature, resulting in longer sustained high-power output, lower exhaust gas temperature, and better fuel economy. Read more

Forced Induction Madness - the Banks Power Sequential Super - Twin Turbo Marine Diesel A twin turbo Duramax marine engine gets an extra kick from being supercharged! By John Espino The title says it Read more

Banks Dragster Update - After Arizona Did we set any world records at Arizona's Speedworld? Not quite. Was it still a successful outing? Most definitely. (And Read more

Banks Dragster Development Continues All the latest news on the "rail." On March 6th, 2010 the Banks crew tested out the rail's new "Stroker" Read more

Sidewinder Jetta is Fresh From the Plastic Surgeon The Sidewinder Jetta is now sporting some rather aggressive nose work and side skirting. By John Espino Of the many Read more

Banks Dragster Update - March 5 2010 With all systems checked, the dragster and all the race gear loaded in the trailer, we're ready to make our Read more

A Supercharged and Turbocharged 6.6L Duramax Crate Engine What' Read more

A Smart Banks iQ The Banks iQ Dashboard PC is a full-fledged, handheld computer for your truck. It features a 5-inch touch-screen display, micro SD card slot... Read more

Diesel Gone Wild It's turbocharged. It's supercharged. It's the Banks Sequential Super-Turbo diesel, and it could change the way you think about diesel power. Read more

Banks Sidewinder Top Diesel Sets Sights for World Record The "rail" leaves for test and tune, sets sights for 6-second "clean" run. By John Espino Last week I reported Read more

Banks Power's New Beast - Sidewinder DRE New Year, new opportunities... more power (insert caveman grunts)! By John Espino After months of sorting out issues with the Read more

Plenty of things going on! I know that our blog has been silent for several months, but it’s only because there’s been so much going Read more

Mickey Thompson Remembered This past Thursday night, the combined efforts of  the NHRA Museum staff, the Thompson family, and Gale Banks Engineering ... Read more

Mickey Thompson Gets His Due The "Mickey Thompson: First American to 400 MPH" exhibit opens at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California to an invitation-only Read more

Mickey Thompson exhibit at NHRA Museum On Friday, February 12, 2010 the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum will open a new exhibit honoring the late Mickey Read more

Banks is Back The technology used to set diesel drag-racing records is being brought to the water in the form of the Banks new marine diesel V-8, the Sequential Super-Turbo engine. Read more

FORD POWER STROKE 6.0L Part 5: External Power-Adders ... and Dyno Results The final chapter in the 6.0L re-build series, part five includes Fluidampr, billet torque converter, intercooler and tuner. Read more

Diesel Super Computer The Banks iQ: An Automotive Equivalent of the iPhone? Read more

FORD POWER STROKE 6.0L Part 4: Dressing the Engine Part four of the 6.0L Power Stroke re-build project, including corroded fins, new EGR cooler ... blocking off the EGR valve... Read more

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