Author: Billy Bergman

Gale Banks Speed School

Banks Speed School

Banks Speed School goes deep into the science of cars and trucks. Host Gale Banks explores the mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering behind things that go fast.

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Powertrain Control Systems (PCS)

LokJaw: Powertrain Control Systems

To shift gear on our Allison 6-speed transmission, we’ve partnered with Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS). PCS offers a broad line of transmission control modules, paddle shifters, and

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LokJaw: Amsoil

Banks LokJaw and the Banks Supercharged R866SC are protected by AMSOIL When it comes to a build like LokJaw, you have to also consider the longevity and

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Aeromotive logo

LokJaw: Aeromotive

Our Supercharged Duramax diesel engines will make 650+hp. This will require ample and accurate fuel flow. When precise delivery of fuel is required, we call Aeromotive, the

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Brothers Trucks

LokJaw: Brothers Trucks

If you’re restoring a 1947-1987 Chevy or GMC pickup truck, you’ll find everything you need at great prices at Brothers Trucks. We purchased weather strips, rubber moldings,

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LokJaw: Cerakote

To achieve an ultra-technical, high-temp, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly flat finish with a deep look, we choose Cerakote. In fact, we’re proud to announce BANKS RED, available soon

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Billet Badges

LokJaw: Billet Badges

Billet Badges are known throughout the custom car industry as the leader in unique, high-quality, incredibly detailed badges and emblems for all kinds of vehicles.  They’ve also

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ZPE logo

LokJaw: ZPE/Griptec

How do you prevent your supercharger belt from slipping? Use a Griptec® pulley. Griptec® micro is a patented micro-machining process that allows for an engineered surface to

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Flo Airride MFG

LokJaw: Flo AirRide

The FLO AirRide tank is a modular billet tank specifically designed for air suspension enthusiasts. Now a part of Air Lift Performance, Flo AirRide was founded by

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