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Sky’s the Limit with iDash

Soar Safely with Banks iDash DataMonster in Your Powered Parachute!

Ensure peak performance and safety in your ultralight aircraft. This pilot story showcases how the Banks iDash DataMonster provides vital engine data and monitoring in a compact, customizable package, perfect for powered parachute cockpits.

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A Trusted Part Of Ram Build

Conquer Any Adventure with a Banks Power-Equipped RAM Truck!

Turn your RAM into an unstoppable adventure machine! This story showcases how Sara and Ryan French transformed their 2024 RAM 6.7L for epic journeys, with Banks Power upgrades enhancing performance and reliability.

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Avoid Fouled MAP Sensor

Unleash Peak Power & Efficiency: Protect Your Duramax MAP Sensor with Banks!

Say goodbye to clogged sensors and inconsistent performance! The Banks MAP Sensor Spacer Kit is a simple solution for Duramax owners, as highlighted by Percy Reynolds on his YouTube channel.

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Power and Longevity, Not Bling

Breathe Easy & Boost Power: Protect Your 2020 RAM 2500 with Banks Monster-Ram!

Concerned about grid heater bolt failure in your 6.7L Cummins RAM? Anass Zaher found the solution with a Banks Monster-Ram intake system

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NEW Cummins 6.7L Shirt

Celebrate 30 Years of Cummins Diesel Power with Banks!

Rep the legendary Cummins 6.7L engine with this exclusive Banks Power t-shirt. This design honors the iconic power and reliability of the Cummins B series engine.

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When Ford Beat GM

Dive Deep into the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L “Scorpion” with Banks Power!

Unveiling the secrets of diesel dominance! This episode of Banks Speed School features Gale Banks himself on a mission to dissect the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L engine, codenamed Scorpion.

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PedalMonster Wakes Up Hemi

Unleash Hidden Power in Your HEMI RAM with Banks PedalMonster!

Restore responsiveness and eliminate throttle lag in your HEMI-powered RAM with the Banks PedalMonster. This customer testimonial showcases how PedalMonster transformed a 2019 RAM 1500 5.7L, resulting in:

• Instantaneous Throttle Response: Experience a dramatic improvement in acceleration and eliminate frustrating lag.
• Customizable Power Levels: Fine-tune performance with multiple modes and adjustable intensity levels.
• Safe and Reliable: OBD-II powered design ensures stable operation and prevents accidental limp mode.
• Reverse Safety Feature: Maintains normal throttle response when reversing for added peace of mind.

Ready to rediscover the thrill of driving your HEMI RAM? Learn more about Banks PedalMonster and upgrade your ride today!

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Matt’s Jeep 392 (6.4L HEMI)

Conquer Trails & Monitor vitals with Banks Power in your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392!

Unleash the beast and explore with confidence. This Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 owner utilizes Banks Power equipment to maximize performance and safety while hitting the trails.

Key benefits highlighted:

• Monitor Crucial Engine vitals: Keep a watchful eye on temperatures and pressures with the iDash SuperGauge, strategically placed for easy viewing.
• Enhanced Off-Road Experience: Focus on the trail while the iDash keeps you informed, allowing you to dedicate your UConnect screen for essential off-road features.
• Improved Throttle Response: The PedalMonster is next on the list to enhance responsiveness and unlock the full potential of the mighty 6.4L V8 engine.
Ready to conquer any terrain with complete control? Explore Banks Power solutions for your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 and transform every adventure!

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Dave’s Automotive / Monster Engines

Protect Your RAM 6.7L Engine with Monster-Ram from Dave’s Automotive & Monster Engines!

Prevent costly repairs and safeguard your RAM truck’s engine. This Utah shop specializes in preventative maintenance and performance upgrades for diesel trucks, including:

Monster-Ram Installation: Address the common grid heater bolt issue in RAM 6.7L engines.
Engine Rebuilds: Expert engine rebuilds for gas and diesel vehicles.
Banks Power Upgrades: Authorized dealer for Banks Power performance parts like intercoolers, air intakes, gauges, and more.
Family-owned and operated for over 30 years, Dave’s Automotive & Monster Engines prioritizes preventative maintenance to keep your truck running strong.

Contact them today!

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LokJaw Stuns Cars & Coffee Crowd

Banks Power’s LokJaw Steals the Show at Cars & Coffee!

This classic Chevy C20 with a supercharged Duramax heart dominated a sea of exotics! Witness LokJaw, Banks Power’s one-of-a-kind creation, turn heads and leave the competition in the dust at the world’s largest Cars & Coffee event.

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