6.6L Crate Engine

Diesel Power November 2012

For this first time in the history of diesel performance, you can now buy a 100-percent, brand new diesel crate engine. 575 HP, turnkey, and there’s not a used part in it.

Till now, if you wanted a Duramax V-8 in anything other than the fullsize GM truck it came in—your best option was to buy a complete ‘01 to ‘10 Duramax truck. You’d take that pickup, strip it of the engine, wiring, gauge cluster, body controller, transmission, transmission control unit, air intake, throttle pedal, fuel filter, accessory drive, starter motor—the list goes on and on—and then you could begins swapping all those things into the car or truck or your dreams.

The reason for doing all that was because you’d need so many pieces to get the Duramax engine to run, it was cheaper to buy the whole vehicle than try to collect the parts individually. Click to read more

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