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LokJaw Stuns Cars & Coffee Crowd

Banks Power’s LokJaw Steals the Show at Cars & Coffee!

This classic Chevy C20 with a supercharged Duramax heart dominated a sea of exotics! Witness LokJaw, Banks Power’s one-of-a-kind creation, turn heads and leave the competition in the dust at the world’s largest Cars & Coffee event.

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All Banks Power Projects

At Banks Power, we push the limits of what is capable. One way we do this is through Racing and custom project vehicles. The innovative vehicles and engines, created in Banks Power’s Race Shop, push the power envelope to the edge. Below you can take a closer look at some of our Project Vehicles.

ROQ Crusher

Jay “Lightning” Tilles of KROQ fame brought us a bone-stock 2006 Duramax Dually which we transformed into the fire-breathin’ behemoth. When

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Banks Sidewinder S10

Banks Sidewinder S10 Diesel Drag Pickup Truck

The Quickest & Fastest: 7.77 E.T. @ 180.00 mph. The Banks Sidewinder S-10 Duramax pickup was entered in the Top Diesel Class at the NHRDA World Finals on September 25-26, 2010 in Topeka, Kansas. Driver Wes Anderson clicked off a 7.77-second pass.

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Banks Sidewinder GMC Sierra

The World’s First Roadracing Diesel Pickup, Banks GMC Sierra is another in a string of racing vehicles created to display both Banks high engineering standards for the creation of all its products and the innovative nature of the company as a whole.

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Project Syclone

1990 Syclone LSR — World Record 204.145 mph “Banks team of Bonneville veterans’ fine-tuned race strategy tweaked the truck to

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King Sting

Jim Denooyer posted top speed on Saturday, everybody said the engines were set on kill and would never last in

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S-1 Express

Key West, Florida — After clinching the ‘Offshore II’ National Championship and setting the APBA Kilo Record at 114.141 mph,

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The Crucifier

The “Crucifier” powered by a Gale Banks injected nitro HEMI set records and won every event including NDBA and APBA

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