California Senator Bob Huff to visit Banks


On Thursday May 13, California Senator Bob Huff and his staff will be touring the Gale Banks Engineering campus and meeting with Gale Banks to discuss a variety of topics.

AZUSA, Calif. – On Thursday May 13, California Senator Bob Huff and his staff will be touring the Gale Banks Engineering campus and meeting with Gale Banks himself to discuss a variety of topics. The Senator is interested in seeing the company’s capabilities and its environmentally conscious approach to making power and economy products. Other topics on the docket are education, implementation of mechanical skills back into our school systems, the economical environment of California and how it’s affecting jobs. Issues regarding the California Air Resources Board, and what it is to be an iconic California business will also be discussed.

The official release from the Senator’s office follows:


(Azusa) – Senator Bob Huff (R- Diamond Bar) announced today his plan to tour Gale Banks Engineering, a local engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in high performance gas and diesel engines while incorporating green-friendly technology. As founder of Gale Banks Engineering and with 50 years of engineering experience under his belt, Gale Banks’ engines have shattered world records, and have been featured on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Bank’s technology is a testament to the environmentally conscious posture the company has proven over its many years of service. Cognizant of the State’s tendency to protect the environment through regulations, Gale Banks Engineering has staked its claim as a “green company.”

The Senator’s tour comes in the wake of a heightened awareness of how the implementation of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act is dramatically affecting businesses in the State. AB 32 virtually empowers the California Air Resources Board to reduce greenhouse gases in California to the 1990 level by the year 2020. Gale Bank Engineering is just one of many businesses working overtime to conform to the States’ encroaching environmental laws.

The implementation of AB 32 will only add additional layers of rules that California businesses must overcome, coercing them to paying exorbitant amounts of capital in an unreasonable amount of time.

Senator Huff will have the opportunity to look at the designing, prototyping, and manufacturing of Gale Banks Engineering products, as well as witness the human component of the business in its employment of 145 employees. In conjunction with the tour, Senator Huff will be hosting a community townhall on the topic of AB 32 implementation that same evening.

There will be an opportunity for media to participate in the tour as well as a short question and answer period at which time Senator Huff will say a few words.

UPDATE: You can now watch the videos!

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