Banks Power’s New Beast – Sidewinder DRE

New Year, new opportunities… more power (insert caveman grunts)!

By John Espino

After months of sorting out issues with the Sidewinder Top Diesel Dragster’s transmission we’re ready to start the onslaught of track punishment again. Only thing is we’re not going about it with the same engine. Nah… that sucker was so last year! Since we’re feeling pretty good about the entire set-up we decided to go ahead with “phase II” of our twin-turbo Duramax engine development. The result is the latest from our Gale Banks Racing Engines® division: the Sidewinder DRE “Stroker” engine. All of its special ingredients equal a brute of a diesel engine that comes out to a 427 cu. In., 7.0 liter! I’ll have full details on it when I update the Topdragster section of our racing section.

I managed to catch the first fire of the new engine today. I hope this gets you guys as pumped up as it got us today.

Next up is track time. Stay tuned! Way more to come.

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