Banks R866SC

6.6L Supercharged Diesel Turn-Key Engine (600-650 horsepower)

The all-new Banks R866SC supercharged 6.6L diesel engine delivers impressive horsepower, torque, and lightning-fast response with military-grade durability.

Banks engines undergo initial assembly on the production line at DMAX LTD’s Moraine, Ohio engine plant where dozens of Banks proprietary parts are seamlessly integrated. These all-new engines are transported to Banks’ Azusa, California engine plant for final assembly. Each engine is hand-built and rigorously tested by a single highly skilled engineer. These are not remanufactured. All Banks engines are 100% new. 

Although they share similar architecture with Duramax L5P engines found in GM’s popular late-model pickup trucks, Banks engines are wildly different. No other diesel crate engine compares. 

Banks R866SC V8 6.6L Supercharged Diesel

Standard Equipment

  • Banks Supercharger System consisting of:
    • Whipple 3.8L Gen V supercharger, billet aluminum
    • Banks cast aluminum intake manifold
    • Banks proprietary air-to-water intercooler
    • 12-rib supercharger belt drive
    • Banks proprietary Fluidampr with supercharger drive
    • Banks cast aluminum integrated supercharger inlet/drive
    • Intercooler pump
  • Banks Performance Valvetrain System:
    • Banks proprietary camshaft
    • Banks proprietary spring package
    • Banks proprietary pushrods
  • Banks Custom Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD):
    • Banks proprietary bracketry
    • Air conditioning compressor
    • Alternator
    • Power steering pump
  • Banks Ready to Run electrical system:
    • Banks proprietary plug and play wiring harness
    • MoTeC ECM
    • Electronic throttle pedal
  • Banks proprietary wet sump oil pan
  • Banks logoed custom injector covers

Optional Equipment

  • 6-speed Allison 1000 transmission
  • 8L90-E GM transmission modified for increased torque
  • Upgraded torque converter
  • iDash DataMonster
  • MoTeC digital dashboard display
  • Banks high-performance exhaust manifolds
  • Banks header flanges for custom fabrication
  • Paddle shifter
  • Remote oil cooler and filter kit

Technical Specs

Technical specs to be added above as they become available. Each engine will ship with its own dyno sheet. 

Estimated availability: Late 2022 

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