At the time of production, your Banks Power product was up to date and ready to use. However, there is an occasion where an improvement or vehicle specific update may be useful to you. Before performing any product updates on your device, make sure to fully read and understand the update procedure before you begin. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Tech Support staff with any questions or comments.

Banks Sensor Module Update

Update – Sensor Modules

Instructions for updating your Banks 4-ch Analog, 5-ch Analog with Frequency, or Thermocouple Sensor Modules. If you are interested in updating your Banks Sensor Module(s), follow the instructions on this

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Update your Banks AutoMind 2 Programmer

Update – AutoMind Programmer

Instructions for updating your Banks AutoMind Programmer Please read through the entire process before beginning the update process. Note: Windows PC required for updating. Windows 10 or newer A. Download and

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