News Releases – 2016

Gale Banks "Godfather of Diesel" on the Diesel Performance Podcast: Part 2 Gale Banks returns to the Diesel Performance Podcast and continues to set download records. In this episode, Paul, Danny, and Read more

Feed The Beast Does driving up even the mildest inclines make your truck work overtime? Do you avoid steep trails for fear of Read more

banks power Please visit Read more

Gale Banks "Godfather of Diesel" on the Diesel Performance Podcast: Part 1 Gale "Godfather of Diesel" Banks sets new records with part 1 of 2, when he sat down with the Diesel Read more

Sample Page A Banks Diesel Powers Every Oshkosh JLTV, The most Bad Ass 4x4 on the Planet. Now! Gale Banks is offering Read more

FEED THE BEAST: AN INDISPENSABLE INTRODUCTION TO FORCED INDUCTION Does driving up even the mildest inclines make your truck work overtime? Do you avoid steep trails for fear of Read more

2017 Duramax “Hoodie” There’s something different about the 2017 L5P Duramax. Well… there’s a lot different, actually, and we’ll cover a lot of Read more

Jon Apogée Appointed Director of Corporate Communications FOR IMMEDATE RELEASE: Contact:  Jon Apogée, Director of Corporate Communications Direct line: (626) 691-2178   Jon Apogée Appointed Director Read more

Wanted For Highway Rubbery Goes by the name Dee Max L5P Suspect is wanted for unwarranted, tire destroying Burnouts and Pavement Shredding Acts of Read more

Meet the New Humvee: The Oshkosh JLTV Coming Soon To Your Local Army Base Recently, "The Fast Lane Truck" visited a military expo and found out more about the OshKosh JLTV. Take a look Read more

AUSA 2016 - Oshkosh Shows Off Big Gun JLTV: 30mm Cannon Isn't the OshKosh JLTV, powered by Banks Power, already the most bad ass military vehicle out there? Yes... but wait, Read more

Are You All Plugged Up? You know the feeling when you have a cold and it’s hard to breathe because your nose is all plugged Read more

What's the Deal with Diesel Fuel? When you ask folks about fuel for your car or truck you’ll end up with a whole bunch of facts Read more

Pinch me... I gotta be dreamin' ! An old and dear friend sent me an email recently. The subject line was, "I am so jealous" followed by, Read more

Car guy Heaven...That's where I am! Once a year at Art Center College of Design In Pasadena California they do something so special that even my Read more

Dateline, 7-1-16 Moraine, Ohio The first day of the rest of my life Here's the first days production of the specially machined Banks 866T V8, military engine blocks. This is only one days Read more

Ram Air Pontiac Restored by our son Andrew, after I foolishly pulled the 400" Poncho and then built an LS 7, BBC to Read more

Back Room Electronics - Making Power Banks Style Gale takes us "inside" Banks' North Engineering Department and gives us an overview of our Banks Bullet Tuners... and just what makes them a Read more

Four Decades Defending Our Country This July, Banks Power celebrates 40 years of designing and providing turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines for military water craft Read more

Happy Birthday America Today America is 240 years old. Here's a collection of Gale's posts that illustrates just how great our country is. Read more

Banks Power for Diesel Pushers Many lower-and midpriced diesel motorhomes have just enough power to get where you're going, but hitch up a trailer or Read more

Dateline June 29, 2016. Moraine, Ohio – Magic happened today and I got be there...! The final special machining operation on the first full production run of Banks 866T base engines is complete! These Dmax Read more

Look Ma! No Turbos – The Hot Rod Project hits the Dyno! As we prepare for 'First Fire' on our 427" Twin Turbo Gen 1, SBC, I've decided to also make this Read more

Three Little Eco Diesels All In A Row... Hey everybody, meet the sons of VM Motori. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel in the foreground, Ram 1500 Eco Read more

Nasty Sounding Blower...Why Not, We're Going Drag Racin'! The plan is to be testing in our 272" Sidewinder Diesel Top Dragster mid-September. We're running Blown with zoomie headers Read more

Our Straight-Shot Water/Meth Injection can do some very cool things! Check out our nozzle pattern in the manifold plenum area. This is for the Hot Rod 427 Small Block Gen1 Read more

Hey, Eco Boost Owners, my guys are getting clever and I'm loving it! I was nosing around my EE department over the weekend, all by my self, and I came across this. It Read more

Episode #8: Turbocharging Jay Leno's Tank Car Episode #8: Completion and testing Jay Leno's Tank Car is just one of several high profile development programs ongoing in the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering labs. Read more

Good Things Come In Threes! We have designed a new Big Pin Stroker crank, a totally new rod bearing diameter and a new long con Read more

Episode #7: Turbocharging Jay Leno's Tank Car Episode #7: Wastegates and exhaust Jay Leno's Tank Car is just one of several high profile development programs ongoing in the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering labs. Read more

The 6-71 Jimmy Blower and My Pal Bruce I’d rather be Blown than Injected, so reads Bruce Geisler’s t-shirt. It’s the early ‘60’s, we’re in the pits at Read more

The Boost Gauge is Dead To Me! Would you believe this? I've got an engine on my Dyno and I've made four pulls. The first was naturally Read more

Heavy Duty, High Performance   Over the years, Rudolf Diesels creation has taken a back seat in the world of race engines to traditional Read more

Torque Of The Town! This is real Gear Head Porn...we just reworked our Diesel engine development dynamometer. It had a limit of 4000 rpm Read more

My Friend David is going to the NHRA! Let's wish him well! I'm 58 years into my career and I have a circle of friends numbering in the thousands, one of them Read more

Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE Road Race Car! This car is going to Germany to take on the world, and they're from my school, Cal Poly Pomona! As Read more

'Speed Bump' Meets Rudolph Diesel! Hey, Sean Holman and all you guys at the Truck Trend Network, I'm having my way with your truck! Your Read more

Episode #6: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car Three pumps, no waiting! On the wet side of the EFI system, Bosch provided us with their 200 liter-per-hour, 5-bar (72 psig) electric fuel pumps. With each pump putting out just under one gallon per minute, it'll take three of them in parallel to feed this monster. Read more

Episode #5: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car Episode #5: Electronic Fuel Injection Jay Leno's Tank Car is just one of several high profile development programs ongoing in the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering labs. Read more

Episode #4: Turbocharging Jay Leno’s Tank Car Jay to Gale: Hey, Can You Banks This? Part Four in a Series. Follow along with us as we take a behind-the-scenes trip through the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering laboratory to view the magical transformation of a Cold War-era giant into a modern superpower. Read more

Episode #3: Turbocharging Jay Leno's Tank Car Follow along with us as we take a behind-the-scenes trip through the Banks Advanced Prototype Engineering laboratory to view the magical transformation of a Cold War-era giant into a modern superpower. Read more

Episode #2: Turbocharging Jay Leno's Tank Car I've built twin turbo gasoline engines for boats, race cars & hot rods for over 40 years and nothing comes close to the fun I had turboing and fuel injecting Jay Leno's 30 Liter V-12! Here's episode 2 of a once in a lifetime build. Gale Banks Read more

Episode #1: Turbocharging Jay Leno's Tank Car Jay Leno does me favors, so I thought I'd even the score! I had no idea how much fun that would be! Gale Banks Read more

When it Comes to Racers...We Roll Our Own! A friend asked for a race car sponsorship recently, but we usually don't do that. When it comes to race Read more

Blowin' Smoke Rings on Pikes Peak! Waaaay to much water/meth and here's what you get...A Banks Super-Turbo Detroit blowing smoke rings on a tuning run up Read more

There’s an Experiment Going on in Dyno Room 1 and it’s Not the Piece of Foam Dancing Around on the Dyno Room Floor! We're doing some baseline runs in order to tune the WOT (wide open throttle) curves on our 427 V8 SBC Read more

Ok Folks, It’s Time For a Turbo History Lesson! Here's our Banks twin turbo layout that was developed in our 67 Chevy panel truck, The White Tortilla. This picture Read more

Fifty-six Years of Hanky Panky Here’s the Geisler-Vail & Banks, 53 Studebaker, on setup day at the 2016 Grand National Roadster Show! The SCTA gave Read more

Banks Power Does Motorhomes   Often when people think of Banks Power, they think of power improving products for diesel and gas trucks, Jeeps Read more

The Fight against The EPA´s Ban on Race Rigs Gains Steam! All of the trucks seen above started life as regular truck, off the assembly line. Converting a rig for racing Read more

Air Mods On the Move Today is a happy day for some folks. We're shipping out a few pallet loads of air improvements. If you're waiting Read more

2,000 hp in 1980... Were You Even Alive? Yep, that's 36 years ago and we had been turbocharging for over 10 years at that point. Even though there Read more

#TBT...We Went to Pikes Peak With an Agenda The Banks 866T V8 Turbo Diesel powered Oshkosh JLTV, the tactical vehicle of the future, testing at altitude, God knows Read more

Can Diesel Kick Gas? We're having a... Face Off at Banks! We've got two Banks prototype engines staring each other down, BBC on the left, Dmax on the right, in reality, Read more

Diesel Army Takes Banks By Surprise! I had no idea that this article was coming... "Humvee Replacement Will Be Powered By Banks" The largest effort in Read more

Sneak Peek, Ford EcoBoost F150 Development EcoBoost Insider Take a sneak peek at the development of our latest power enhancing projects here at Banks Power. We’ve Read more

Banks 866T for JLTV Program Ships Out The first post-contract, Banks 866T Turbo Diesel Engine, for the new Oshkosh-built JLTV has shipped out. The Joint Light Tactical Read more

August of 1967 I Sold My Split Window to Open My Speed Shop   God I miss that car! Styled by my pal, Larry Shinoda, this photo is a studio shot of an optioned Read more

EPA Out of Bounds — Race Cars and Trucks Now Illegal? The Banks GMC Sierra diesel road race truck started life as a street truck. If EPA gets their way, Motorsports as Read more

Banks Wins Massive Engine Contract The best engineering team in the racing and performance aftermarket, has won the biggest military engine the last 30 Read more

The ROQ Crusher is thirsty We like to do things BIG around here. So when the time came to test fit a new set of Read more

More Power For Your EcoDiesel In our first update on the Banks Bullet Tuner for the 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel engine, we took a look at Read more

Chevy/GMC More power, torque and economy for your Chevy or GMC truck! Read more

Ford Ford products specifically designed to give you that extra power and economy that you desire. Add Banks Power to your Read more

Dodge/Ram More grunt for your beast of a truck! Yeah, you're Ram is already bad ass. But good is never good Read more

Jeep Looking for power to climb that hill, or crush that boulder? You've come to the right place. We have what Read more

Motorhome Looking to get more power in your rig? Look no further. Banks Power can give you that extra power to Read more

What Fits? Looking for the perfect Banks Power product to fit your vehicle? Click here to use our vehicle fitment tool and Read more

Banks Bullet for 3.0L EcoDiesels This product has been replaced by the Banks Derringer Tuner and iDash DataMonster. Find out more about the Banks Derringer Read more

Introducing the Banks Bullet Tuner for EcoDiesel "...we are very familiar with this V6 diesel engine, and just how to tune it" Read more

Banks Powered KROQ Truck Comes Back for a Visit " barely fits on our motorhome racks, that’s how big this truck is and we love it!" Read more

iDash® Super Gauge iDash 1.8 DataMonster and Super Gauge Banks iDash opens a window into the vital inner workings of your vehicle’s ECU, letting you see what’s beyond your dashboard gauges. Monitor and display multiple vehicle parameters, log performance and economy, read and clear codes, the possibilities are endless. Read more

Throttle Controller Banks PedalMonster Throttle Controller Bring your vehicle to life with PedalMonster. City, Sport, Track with 30 levels of control. Customize City, Sport and Read more

Cold Air Intakes The Banks Ram-Air is superior because it couples maximum flow with minimum temperature. Its huge filter, smooth passageways, and high-flow outlet means airflow is cool, dense and unobstructed. And like every Banks system, it’s built to last. Read more

Intercooler Systems Improving airflow not only lowers boost air temperature, it also increases the density and oxygen content of air entering the engine. That amplifies power! Plus, lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) improve fuel economy. Read more

Performance Exhaust You expect an aftermarket exhaust system to deliver certain features: dramatic reduction in backpressure, rich sound, a perfect fit, and enhanced performance. Banks Power delivers every time! Read more

Tuners and Programmers Our diesel tuners are calibrated to give you the full power potential of your work or sport truck without all that soot. And built-in ActiveSafety® and AutoRate® features safeguard your powertrain. Only Banks offers maximum power with vehicle safeguards. Read more

Power and Efficiency Systems Top-of-the-line engineered power systems for gas & diesel pickups. Advanced tuning for sport applications + airflow upgrades (including intercooling). Adds tire-smoking constant-duty power—up to +155 hp/+385 lb-ft—plus greater durability. Read more

Engine Braking When you’ve got a heavy load behind your truck and steep downhill grades to deal with, instead of feeling in control you can sometimes feel helpless. Not anymore. Banks Brake and SpeedBrake offer total safety and a whole lot more. Read more

Performance Turbo Kits The ultimate upgrade for classic diesels and Jeeps. Adds astonishing performance — up to +102 hp/+143 lb-ft — plus significantly greater fuel economy & durability. Don't mess around with the competition, do it right the first time with Banks! Read more

Turbo Upgrades From components to full systems, Banks Power has developed the Industry's Best Turbo Upgrades for your vehicle. Read more

Gauges and Mounting Monitor your vehicle's vital signs like a pro with Banks Power Analog and Digital Gauges. When it comes to what is going on under the hood, we take it very seriously. Don't be left in the dark, keep an eye on things with Banks. Read more

Transmission Management TransCommand is an automatic-transmission-management computer that delivers functions that no single module can. Many truck owners prefer firmer shifts, especially when hauling large loads. TransCommand is the quick, efficient cure. Read more

Powertrain Our reputation has been forged in the heat of motorsports competition. Be it boating or land racing, open water or closed course, the dry lakes or the drag strip, Banks always sets the pace and always sets records. With Banks products, Power and endurance go hand in hand. Read more

Clothing and Accessories Hats, shirts, stickers, you name it. Get your Banks swag on with Official Licensed Banks Power apparel. Show off how bad ass your truck is even when you're not in it! Read more

Racing Products Go fast, go fast, go faster... Banks Racing line of products are designed for one thing: Maximum Power! These products are not designed for the street, they are designed for breaking records. Read more

Buick Turbo #1 "They had landed the Indy pace car program for 1976 and when they took their V6 powered car to the speedway" Read more

Slow Your Roll Installing the SpeedBrake on a Duramax (With Gale Banks!) Just a few short years ago, the thought of 600 hp Read more

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