Happy Birthday America

Today America is 240 years old. Here’s a collection of Gale’s posts that illustrates just how great our country is. Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Honey…I’m Home! Is the coffee on?

Only Gearheads could come up with an aircraft like this! Go for a ride in a VTOL Harrier! The landing is worth waiting for! I promised my wife that I would not race airplanes until the kids were grown up, out of the house and on their own.
The truth is, the kids are gone but I’m so into engines for land and sea that airplanes will not happen for me.
But a man can dream…! – Gale Banks

Don’t Ya Love The Sound Of Freedom? I take distinct pride in being an American…Turn up the volume and Let’s Celebrate! – Gale Banks


Future Fighter To Contain A Pilot…Wow! Score one for human beings! It looks like someone at Northrup Grumman didn’t get the autonomous aircraft memo. Have a look, this sixth-generation fighter concept has a cockpit…all’s right with the world! – Gale Banks


Giving Ma Deuce a ride…for the last 75 years!  Other than our 630T V6 Diesel power, some things never change!
TOP: A Willys 60 hp, gasoline burning, ‘Go Devil’ powered Jeep, sporting Ma Deuce, an M2 Browning! BOTTOM: A Banks 630T V6 Diesel powered Badger, sporting an M2 HB Browning. It’s quick, all wheel drive and all wheel steer. – Gale Banks

Warthog Don’t Care…! Any aircraft considered as a replacement for the A-10 will be overly complex, many times the cost and will incorporate No cables and pulleys…None! Ya follow? – Gale Banks


200 WINS! Well Folks, it’s a Great Country for Old Men! This is so damn American, not the win, not the loss, just American! …Merica! – Gale Banks


According to a new report from the Pentagon, the Banks powered Oshkosh JLTV destroyed the competition in terms of reliability. From the report: “Oshkosh’s vehicle showed marked improvement in mission reliability compared to the Humvee, demonstrating 7,051 “Mean Miles Between Operational Mission Failure” versus the Humvee’s 2,968 miles. AM General’s had less mission reliability, demonstrating 526 miles between operational mission failure. Lockheed demonstrated 1,271.” As unreliable as HMMWVs are known to be today, both Lockheed and AM General managed to deliver LESS reliable JLTVs, and by a pretty wide margin. Oshkosh has engineered a stunning vehicle and Banks has provided solid, winning engines. This thing is a military vehicle that drives thru open country like a Baja Trophy Truck and it’s ‘bullet proof’ in every way possible! – Gale Banks

‘Merica! This photograph is the most American statement I’ve seen in a very long time, it caused me to pause long enough to tell you something about my respect for the United States Armed Forces. As a Military Engine supplier, I get to work with Americans who’s skills and bravery never cease to bring me pride. I’m just a gearhead, but sometimes they actually call me… Brother. Nothing; no championship, no record, no industry accolade or magazine article…nothing compares to hearing that one word. Brother! Hearing that word is the greatest honor I’ll ever have! – Gale Banks

Another Airman who probably won’t be home for Christmas. Let’s hope he’s successful in his efforts. A KC-135 Stratotanker refuels an F-15E Strike Eagle over the northern Mediterranean Sea, Nov. 12, 2015. Both aircraft are supporting Operation Inherent Resolve while deployed to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. – Gale Banks

Some guys are beyond bad ass! Army 1st Sgt. Ricardo Gutierrez low-crawls under a wire obstacle during the assessment phase of the Best Ranger competition on Fort Jackson, S.C., Nov. 24, 2015. Gutierrez is one of three Fort Jackson soldiers fighting for a position on a two-soldier team that will represent the post during the 33rd annual competition on Fort Benning, Ga., in April 2016. I’m hope the Sergeant is home for Christmas. – Gale Banks

‘Merica. Swimmers lower left…someone’s in for a surprise. – Gale Banks

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