Banks 866T for JLTV Program Ships Out

The first post-contract, Banks 866T Turbo Diesel Engine, for the new Oshkosh-built JLTV has shipped out. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is the replacement for the venerable Humvee (HMMWV). Oshkosh uses the tag line, “Oshkosh is JLTV. Anything else is something less.” Well, we’re proud to be part of the team for the JLTV, and providing the best engine for the job. This is just the beginning.

Banks Power is Proud to help the JLTV with:

70% faster off-road speeds than today’s gold standard TWV (Tactical Wheeled Vehicle).

Improved fuel economy in both idle and operational modes.

Powertrain adapts to different operation conditions.

Optimized engine power-to-weight ratio to provide superior acceleration, mobility and speed on grade capability.

SOURCE:   OshKosh Defense JLTV Brochure >>

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