Nasty Sounding Blower…Why Not, We’re Going Drag Racin’!

The plan is to be testing in our 272″ Sidewinder Diesel Top Dragster mid-September. We’re running Blown with zoomie headers till we’ve found the best size blower and overdrive, then the zoomies go away and we add two large turbos. A turbo on each bank, and they’ll be blowing the blower, of course! The engine is our Big-Pin Stroker 427″ dry sump we’re developing for military marine applications. But here, we’re going for 7,500 to 7,800 rpm with et’s in the low 6’s and an NHRDA national record.

We’ve become pent up working on military engine development for the last 10 years. And, we’ve added some new guys and one old one, to our engineering team! The second half of 2016 is full of new innovative stuff from Banks and our racers are coming out. Get ready to rumble!

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