My Friend David is going to the NHRA! Let’s wish him well!

I’m 58 years into my career and I have a circle of friends numbering in the thousands, one of them is this young man. His name is David Kennedy.
David has lead two exceptional magazines important to my career. Those magazines, Diesel Power and Hot Rod became even more exceptional because of David’s vision and his loyalty to the brand. Not to mention his standard, 80 hour work weeks!
My career has brought me the friendship of some of the most talented and creative people on the planet, many are not in the automotive business. There are artists, musicians, military of all stripes, motion picture and television personalities, politicians, teachers, world class chefs, inventors, engineers and scientists…two of which have won the Nobel prize in Physics. It’s a very impressive group and I can say without reservation that David Kennedy is in the Top Ten.
David, as a Board member at the Wally Parks, NHRA Motorsports Museum, let me be the first to welcome you. Hot Rod Magazine’s loss is now NHRA’s gain!
Gale Banks

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