When it Comes to Racers…We Roll Our Own!

A friend asked for a race car sponsorship recently, but we usually don’t do that. When it comes to race cars, trucks or boats…it’s more fun to build and race our own! And, that way, if we do it wrong, win a race or set a record, it’s our own doing.

When it comes to fuel, we run the fuel necessary to race the class that we want to run. Over the last 58 years we have run gasoline, methanol, nitromethane, hydrogen, methane, hydrazine and analine, we have even been known to run diesel.

Since building our first racing engine in 1958 we’ve been trying new things. We built our first blown engine in 1960, started using methanol and nitromethane in the mid ’60’s, started turbocharging in the late ’60’s, first ran hydrogen in the mid ’70’s and built our first turbo diesel in the late ’70’s.

Yes we build a lot of diesel stuff but we never stopped the rest and there’s some cool turbo gasoline builds in the works right now! Here are some of the racers and engines that have come out of the Banks Race Shop over the years.

Geisler-Vail-Banks running blown gasoline
Kehoe-McKinney-Banks running twin turbo gasoline
Banks running twin turbo gasoline
Banks-Hodgson running twin turbo nitromethane
Banks running gasoline
Banks running gasoline
Teague-Welch-Banks running blown nitromethane
Banks running turbo diesel
Banks running turbo diesel
Woods-Banks running twin turbo gasoline
Banks running twin turbo gasoline
Quas & Banks running gasoline
Hondo & Banks running twin turbo methanol
Christensen & Banks running injected 100% nitromethane
Banks running twin turbo diesel
Banks running variable geometry turbo diesel
Size Matters/Banks running Super-Turbo diesel
Banks variable geometry turbo running diesel against a gasoline super car. The comparison was done by the Department of Energy.
Dallenbach Racing/Banks running methanol

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