EPA Out of Bounds — Race Cars and Trucks Now Illegal?

The Banks GMC Sierra diesel road race truck started life as a street truck. If EPA gets their way, Motorsports as we know it could be coming to an end.


Our Founding Fathers used the term “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” in the constitution as examples of “unalienable rights.” Yep your happiness is a right, not a privilege to be granted by bureaucrats.  Since the signing of the constitution in 1787, you’ve been allowed to be happy, and no mention of restricting race cars and trucks can be found in our original founding documents.

Well it seems that the folks at the EPA didn’t get the memo and are looking to reduce your smiles per mile and restrict your right to turn a car or truck into a race rig.  SEMA has raised the alarm regarding the EPA’s new proposal to prevent the conversion of “road cars” and trucks into race only vehicles. What’s next, DPF filters and catalytic converters on Diesel  Dragsters, Indy Cars and other race only rigs? Thomas Jefferson was born when adding more horsepower meant to have actual horses hitched up to the team in front of your wagon, if the EPA existed then, they would have likely wanted to restrict that too.

EPA is hiding its intent and we need to tell our politicians to fix this, if they are not inclined…They need to go!

If you love what we do then, do this now! Contact your congressmen and senators please, don’t just bitch about it online. Find out where they stand and act on that come Election Day.

Let’s Fix this!

Gale Banks

Here’s how you can get involved:

Help prevent EPA Overreach and Support the RPM Act

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