Banks Power Does Motorhomes


Often when people think of Banks Power, they think of power improving products for diesel and gas trucks, Jeeps and even Volkswagen cars. Truth is we also offer some of the best power improvers for Class A and Class C motorhomes.

Looking to improve the power and fuel economy of your big home on wheels? We have the solution. Whether you’re looking for a simple to install cold air intake, or a complete, flow-bench tested and dyno proven Banks Ram-Air® system, Banks Power has you covered. Even more power gains are possible with our Stinger® and PowerPack® systems that increase engine air flow from the grill to the exhaust tip. In addition we have our Banks Billet™ Torque Converters and Banks Straight-Shot® and Double-Shot® water-methanol injection systems. These upgrades can be installed individually, or you can go for the whole banana.

If you own a 1993-2012 Cummins Diesel powered, a 1988-2010 GM gas powered Class-A motorhome, a gas powered 1988-15 Ford Class-A or a gas powered 1997-16 Ford Class-C motorhome, we have a power solution for you. If you’re in Southern California, you can even have us install your power improvers, at our Banks PowerHouse installation facility. They offer installation for all of our Banks Power Products. For more information, go to and look up parts by vehicle to see what’s available for your rig.

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