Sneak Peek, Ford EcoBoost F150 Development

EcoBoost Insider

Take a sneak peek at the development of our latest power enhancing projects here at Banks Power. We’ve been working on some cool stuff for the 2015-16 Ford F150 EcoBoost. We’ve run our 3.5L EcoBoost truck on the dyno, gathered all the data and are building several power improving goodies for the EcoBoost F150. Here you see one of our Engineers deep into the inner workings of the F-150’s brains. To develop the best products on the market, you have to understand the vehicle. That’s what we do, we eat, sleep and breathe these trucks until we become a part of them. Our testing is so intense that we bought our own truck because this is too much to subject a customer’s vehicle to. Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be releasing some of the power improvers we’ve developed for these fine pickups, shortly. And, additional cool stuff is in the works. The first up, a Banks Ram-Air® cold air intake system, more on this soon!

Here at Banks Power we don’t just build products, we engineer them! This intricate looking device is gathering data, the type of data that we use to engineer power products you can rely on, to be the best and beat the rest.

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