There’s an Experiment Going on in Dyno Room 1 and it’s Not the Piece of Foam Dancing Around on the Dyno Room Floor!

We’re doing some baseline runs in order to tune the WOT (wide open throttle) curves on our 427 V8 SBC (Small Block Chevy). This will ultimately be the Banks Twin-Turbo SBC that is going into something special that Hot Rod Magazine is working on to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the SBC.

Right now we are running it without the turbos to baseline what MAD (manifold air density) means to an engine. That massive tube that looks like it’s sucking the brains out, that’s a MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensing system. When we are finished, you’ll be able to see what a difference MAD makes from Naturally Aspirated to fully Twin-Turbo’d and Intercooled.

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