2,000 hp in 1980… Were You Even Alive?

Yep, that’s 36 years ago and we had been turbocharging for over 10 years at that point. Even though there was no roadmap we somehow found our way. The engine, based on one of our twin turbo marine builds is a 430″ Mark IV BBC sporting iron, open chamber, LS7 heads.

Thanks to the inventive genius of our crew, this setup went very fast, setting records wherever we put it. And, 58 years into the forced induction engine business, guess what?

Banks is not done, in fact we are hiring! CAD designers, imbedded software engineers, production engine external assembly and end of line dyno test technicians are now open positions at Banks Power! Please contact us and tell your friends contact us at 626-969-9600 or BanksPower.com/jobs