‘Speed Bump’ Meets Rudolph Diesel!

Hey, Sean Holman and all you guys at the Truck Trend Network, I’m having my way with your truck! Your F-100 now has a Banks Diesel Powertrain sitting in it! Project Speed Bump is getting the full Banks treatment, engine, 6-speed, AutoMind ECU and more in our RaceShop!

Banks 630T Diesel V6 on the engine Dyno. We intend to find the maximum reliable engine speed and the maximum reliable cylinder pressure that our VM Motori based, 3.0-liter V6 Diesel is capable of. The goal is 600hp and whatever torque the engine structure is capable of producing. There will be multiple turbos in this program and maybe even a supercharger. Oh yeah, our StraightShot Water/Meth too. This is a street thing so it’s gotta live a long while at WOT. No, 5 seconds on a Hamster Wheel, blot out the sun BS. Remember we invented clean tune 15 years ago…!

First drop into our mount system looks pretty nice. We plan to offer a universal mount system for these engines (inset).
With our diesel in place the next step involves fitting our military front engine accessory drive.
Banks 630T Military FEAD (front engine accessory drive). Yes, war fighters get air conditioning!