Wanted For Highway Rubbery

Goes by the name Dee Max L5P
Suspect is wanted for unwarranted, tire destroying Burnouts and Pavement Shredding Acts of Violence.
Known associates include serial turbo abuser, Gale Banks. Suspects are know to have been conspiring together since 2014 in the area of Azusa, Ca. Known abuses, when teamed together, include; house tipping, and exhibition of speed.
Dee Max L5P mug shots follow;


Then Big Blue meets L5P in Banks Dyno Cell #1
Capable of absorbing 3,000 lbft of torque, Big Blue takes on its first engine and it’s an L5P Duramax!
We had a SuperFlow 901 in here and it was perfect, but it would not handle the Torque these things will be capable of. We are already north of 1,000 lbft with the stock L5P turbo, and there will be much more!

You’re looking at a 2017 L5P Duramax powered pickup truck and it’s got a cold air hood…Wow! We can’t get Gale to stop talking about this, increasing air density in the intake manifold is the key to power, and the key to his career. It all starts with the air you’re driving thru, good job GM!


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