August of 1967 I Sold My Split Window to Open My Speed Shop


God I miss that car! Styled by my pal, Larry Shinoda, this photo is a studio shot of an optioned out ’63 Stingray. Other than the same red paint, mine was a racer, driven on the street and running Firestone Sports Car 200 Race Rubber on American Torque Thrust R aluminum wheels. The suspension and brakes were race prepped to the “type written” road race instruction sheet provided by Vince Piggins at Chevrolet. The Powertrain was a 337″ SBC Fuelie running Forged True Pistons and an Isky Valvetrain. The power went thru a dual disk clutch and T-10 four speed. I ported the injection and heads…and I’m still blowing cast iron dust out of my nose!

This is what I built from the Split Window money. My Dad, an LA cop and one hell of a carpenter, built the counter and wall separating the showroom and engine shop in the back. As usual, I was his helper, we had previously built a house together. He’s sitting at the counter pretending to be on the phone, that was the cool business photo pose in the 60’s. You boat guys will recognize the marine equipment on the wall over his head. So I ask you, did I make a good move selling the Corvette?

After selling the Split Window I ended up driving the White Tortilla, named after a cleaning product billed as the White Tornado by my guys because it was twin turboed and damn fast and the shop was in San Gabriel. A local guy, Kenny Youngblood lettered the truck for a 6 pack!


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