Look Ma! No Turbos – The Hot Rod Project hits the Dyno!

As we prepare for ‘First Fire’ on our 427″ Twin Turbo Gen 1, SBC, I’ve decided to also make this a dyno series highlighting a new way to predict your engines power potential…we’re going to read MAD, Manifold Air Density on our new iDash Display.

As a result we’ve stripped the turbos and installed a pair of Hooker fender-wells. Yep we’re starting out naturally aspirated, just Mother Nature providing the force to push the air density from the intake manifold, around the intake valves and into the cylinders.

We’re using a Bosch 5″ mass air flow sensor and the worlds strangest looking duct to feed our 4-2 1/4″ butterflies. The cover of our Boost Plenum is removed to allow this setup.

Here’s the twin turbo layout that will follow. Note the position sensors on the waste gate heads. Our experimental Banks Sidewinder, Centerline Series turbos are shown as well.

We will be experimenting with ADI, anti detonate injection of water directly thru the manifold riser section, after the throttle butterflies. Eight nozzles are installed in a Banks Triple-Shot configuration. Water/Meth will also be tested using the same system and control strategy.

A 4 coil Holley waste spark system mounted on the rear of our Boost air plenum, rather than the firewall, gives us a neater package. There’s a lot more going on here as well, it got kinda crowded!

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