The Crucifier

The “Crucifier” powered by a Gale Banks injected nitro HEMI set records and won every event including NDBA and APBA Nationals. Banks stated, “I didn’t own a Hydrometer, this thing ran on 100% nitro!”

The “Crucifier,” a race boat powered by a Banks fuel-injected nitro HEMI wins every event it enters, including the NDBA (National Drag Boat Association) and APBA nationals.

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The "Crucifier"
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The "Crucifier"
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When it Comes to Racers…We Roll Our Own!

When it Comes to Racers...We Roll Our Own!
A friend asked for a race car sponsorship recently, but we usually don’t do that. When it comes to race cars, trucks or boats…it’s more fun to build and race our own! And, that way, if we do it wrong, win a race or set a record, it’s our own doing. When it comes to fuel, ...
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2,200 horsepower in our APBA K-Jet program

2,200 horsepower in our APBA K-Jet program
The boat groups are asking me about the early turbo work at my company, so here are some engine visuals from the 1970’s. There’s been some dialog about our power output with turbos compared to others at that time. I’m covering the whole story in my series, “Turbocharging is the life for me”. But I ...
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