GMC Truck Motorsport’s S-15 Club Coupe

GMC Truck Motorsport’s S-15 Club Coupe, managed by Gale Banks Engineering, set five land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah during 1989.

Banks prepares and manages GMC Project Syclone S-15 truck at Bonneville; Banks/GMC Syclone becomes World’s Fastest Pickup at 194 mph; GMC markets the Syclone high-performance pickup with the Vortec 4.3L turbocharged V-6 in 1991. A sport-utility version, the Typhoon, is also offered.

Records set at Bonneville
Class Record (mph) Date
FIA International 194.770 (mile) July 20, 1989
FIA International 194.843 (kilo) July 20, 1989
FIA National 194.770 (mile) July 20, 1989
FIA National 194.843 (kilo) July 20, 1989
SCTA National 183.942 (E. Prod.) August 22, 1989

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