Banks Powered OshKosh JLTV

The Humvee replacement is here, and it’s bad ass!

This vehicle is the result of a years long design and test competition involving the biggest names in the defense and diesel engine industry. The Oshkosh JLTV has destroyed the competition. The staff at Banks Power, the exclusive engine supplier, has been deeply involved in the creation of the most advanced, fastest and safest light tactical vehicle…Ever!

The same team builds Banks Power products for your truck, both diesel or gasoline powered. We’ve got your solution, no one else in the industry, even comes close…

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Latest News

We Drive the JLTV, the Humvee’s Successor

The stronger, faster, and much safer replacement for the popular but vulnerable Humvee is finally here. And we got to drive it. Keep your hands loose on the wheel. I remind myself of this as we fly across a section of foot-deep ruts at 20 mph. You want to let the independent suspension do the work ...
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Did I mention that the Banks 866T Diesel Engine powers every Oshkosh JLTV?

The JLTV program is providing our military with the world’s most capable light tactical vehicle. But what is the JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) and why is it so important? Oshkosh, the manufacturers of the JLTV, put it this way: “The JLTV program remains a top priority for the Department of Defense, filling a critical capability gap ...
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Meet the New Humvee: The Oshkosh JLTV Coming Soon To Your Local Army Base

Recently, “The Fast Lane Truck” visited a military expo and found out more about the OshKosh JLTV. Take a look at their video to find out more. Meet the New Humvee: The Oshkosh JLTV Coming Soon To Your Local Army Base by: The Fast Lane Truck
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AUSA 2016 – Oshkosh Shows Off Big Gun JLTV: 30mm Cannon

Isn’t the OshKosh JLTV, powered by Banks Power, already the most bad ass military vehicle out there? Yes… but wait, what if they add a 30mm remote operated weapon system where you fire it from the safety of the vehicle! What would you call a bad ass military vehicle with a bad ass weapons system, ...
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Pinch me… I gotta be dreamin’ !

An old and dear friend sent me an email recently. The subject line was, “I am so jealous” followed by, “Gale; you have made the perfect gear head life”! My first thought was, “how the hell did I pull that off”? Well, I think I have turbocharging to thank for that, not to mention my 60 ...
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Four Decades Defending Our Country

This July, Banks Power celebrates 40 years of designing and providing turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines for military water craft and wheeled vehicles. I’m not supposed to know where they go and what they do. But I do know that some very brave people deploy with them. A few of those, I’m honored to say, ...
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Happy Birthday America

Today America is 240 years old. Here’s a collection of Gale’s posts that illustrates just how great our country is. Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone! Honey…I’m Home! Is the coffee on? Only Gearheads could come up with an aircraft like this! Go for a ride in a VTOL Harrier! The landing is worth waiting for! I promised ...
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Dateline June 29, 2016. Moraine, Ohio – Magic happened today and I got be there…!

The final special machining operation on the first full production run of Banks 866T base engines is complete! These Dmax folks are something special, I’m humbled by their professionalism and their friendship. July will be a big deal for our Defense Engine Division, Banks Technologies as we start initial production of our Banks 866T engines for ...
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#TBT…We Went to Pikes Peak With an Agenda

The Banks 866T V8 Turbo Diesel powered Oshkosh JLTV, the tactical vehicle of the future, testing at altitude, God knows where. Using turbocharging we wanted to go fast and learn how to make big power, with No Air. At 14,000′ we refined our turbo control knowledge, then we applied it where it really matters. The military. Read more ...
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Diesel Army Takes Banks By Surprise!

I had no idea that this article was coming… “Humvee Replacement Will Be Powered By Banks” The largest effort in our company’s history has resulted in our most important win, ever! And, we weren’t racing! The combined institutional knowledge of the thousands of people that have worked at Banks over the last 58 years lead to this win. I ...
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Banks 866T for JLTV Program Ships Out

The first post-contract, Banks 866T Turbo Diesel Engine, for the new Oshkosh-built JLTV has shipped out. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is the replacement for the venerable Humvee (HMMWV). Oshkosh uses the tag line, “Oshkosh is JLTV. Anything else is something less.” Well, we’re proud to be part of the team for the JLTV, and ...
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Banks Wins Massive Engine Contract

The best engineering team in the racing and performance aftermarket, has won the biggest military engine contract…in the last 30 years! This is a fact, for the last 58 years, when we race we win! The Banks JLTV military engine development project was treated with the same intensity and excellence we apply to everything we race ...
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Oshkosh Wins $6.75 Billion Contract To Replace HMMWV

This just in; Oshkosh Truck will build 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) under a contract awarded today, with a possible total build of 55,000 units. The JLTV leverages 90 years of Oshkosh know how combined with 57 years of Banks know how, to produce the winning combination! Dynamometer durability testing at Banks Power, early in the program. All ...
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Oshkosh Attacks The Baja 1000

Testing a New Tactical Diesel-Electric Hybrid The Baja 1000 is a two-day, 1,000-mile, off-road race that takes place every year in Mexico. It’s one of the most grueling motorsports events in the world. During a good year, only 58 percent of the vehicles that start the race ever cross the finish line. So when Oshkosh Defense ...
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Banks Technologies Diesels Power Oshkosh Extreme Racing in the Baja 1000

It’s not unheard of for experimental prototype vehicles to run in the Baja 1000, but even so, it’s quite unusual. That’s why the Oshkosh Extreme Racing team’s Light Concept Vehicle (LCV) created a stir in this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. Largely unnoticed in the racing excitement was the fact that both prototype LCVs were ...
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