Monzeratt – Dominator Jet Boat

Gale Banks Turbo Engine/Dominator Jet Boat victorious in Rio Balsas Marathon

December 1, 1978

Gale Banks Turbo Engine/Dominator Jet Boat victorious in Rio Balsas Marathon

A Gale Banks Turbo engined racer was victorious in the gruelling Rio Balsas River Marathon in Mexico earlier this month marking the third straight year that a Banks Turbo engine won.

The victorious boat, a Starcraft-Ca Am built in Anaheim, California, was driven by John Westland of New Zealand. A 20 foot Carrera hull rigged by Tom Papp of Suncraft Marine, the boat was powered by a 850 horsepower Gale Banks twin-turbocharged Chevrolet engine driving a Dominator Jet with an AA impellor. Named ‘Monzeratt’, the boat is owned by Jose and Francisco Posada of Mexico who also crewed with Westland during the race.

An incident at the finish line has clouded the results. Monzeratt, the Gale Banks/Dominator powered boat, crossed the finish line — apparently winning first overall and first in Class C, the inboard division. After crossing the line, Westland circled around to accept the plaudits of the crowd and in doing so crossed the finish line again. Crossing the finish line twice resulted in a twenty minute penalty according to the Mexican officials and allowed an outboard-powered boat to be officially declared 1st overall. An appeal of the outcome is pending.

Another Starcraft-Can Am boat, also powered by a Gale Banks turbocharged engine and Dominator Jet, driven by Sallin Dominguez finished third in Class C.

Westland’s victory in Class C, an inboard division, marks the third straight year that a Gale Banks Engeering powered boat has won that honor. In 1976, Derek Spagnole of Canada accomplished the feat and in 1977 the honor went to Freddie Chrunyk also of Canada.

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