Banks Super-Turbo Marine Diesel Engine

A twin turbo Duramax marine engine gets an extra kick from being supercharged!

It has a very long name and a foreboding look… It’s the Banks Sequential Super-Turbo Marine Diesel. This engine had been on the minds, drawing boards, computer screens, PDA’s, benches and engine stands of the Banks Power engineering, design and race shop staff for some two years. On January 15, 2010, covered in electrical lines that connect to sensors monitoring some 200+ points of information, this very special General Motors Duramax-based V-8 diesel engine fired up first on the try, went effortlessly into a nice, clean 900RPM idle, and sounded to all within earshot as though it was quite eager for the kind of extreme duty service that lied ahead for it. Combining the low speed power and transient response of supercharging with the high speed power and cruising efficiency of twin-turbocharging this new engine is aimed squarely at marine use where, as Gale Banks so aptly puts it, “You’re always going uphill.” Here’s 6.6 liters of clean-burning diesel V-8 that’ll crank out some 800 horsepower and twist up 900 pounds-feet of torque across a working rev range of 1,600 to 4,600 RPM.

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It’s turbocharged. It’s supercharged. It’s the Banks Sequential Super-Turbo diesel, and it could change the way you think about diesel power. Any number of attempts to bring diesel power to a mainstream high-performance audience have been made over the years. Bt the truth is they’ve been met with only moderate success (at best). That’s because the ...
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Banks is Back

The technology used to set diesel drag-racing records is being brought to the water in the form of the Banks new marine diesel V-8, the Sequential Super-Turbo engine. It has been a long time since we heard anything from the marine side of California-based Gale Banks Engineering (, best known for its power-boosting aftermarket equipment for ...
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