Teague-Welch-Banks Streamliner

This is The World’s Fastest Single Piston Engine Hot Rod. It set the F.I.A. 5L to 8L Class Ten two-way record in October 2002 at 405.976 after previously setting the 8L and larger Class II record at 425.050, with a best one-way of 432 mph.

CATEGORY A – Group I – Class 10 – Reciprocating Engine with Supercharger

Date Entry Name Driver Flying Mile Flying Kilometer
10/02 Teague-Welch-Banks Al Teague 405.976 * 654.201 *

Al Teague’s streamliner holds two FIA international records over 400mph. It is the world’s fastest ground vehicle with a single-piston engine and two-wheel drive, hitting an average speed of 425 mph over a 1-mile course with a 432-mph peak. The old-school car evolved not through fancy wind tunnels, but via the basic cut-and-try method. Teague’s car began life as a 312-mph open-wheel Lakester. Enclosing the front wheels, narrowing the track, and partially enclosing the rear raised speeds to 354. Six more years of development, fully enclosing the rear, and a better engine (Banks Powered) got the car over 400. It may not be high tech by today’s standards, but it sure does run. Believe it or not, the car weighs 4,000 pounds (salt racers use weight for traction and stability). — Hot Rod Magazine

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