“Hanky Panky” Studebaker

Bruce Geisler brought the Studie out of retirement, Banks put in his 300”, 930 hp Twin-Turbo Chevy and Choate legged it to 217, World’s fastest passenger car!

Friends since the early 1960s, Gale Banks and Bruce Geisler have teamed up on some of the most famous and significant automotive performance records in history. The first was the Geisler-Banks 1953 Studebaker. In 1978, Banks built a 955-hp twin-turbocharged, 304 ci small-block Chevy engine that helped propel the vintage car to 217 mph at Bonneville, making the Studebaker the world’s fastest, stock-bodied passenger vehicle on gasoline. This marked the first of many record-breaking collaborations.

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