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BANKS BUILT | Bonus Material

Our camera crew caught a candid discussion between Gale Banks, Matt Gamble (Manager of Design, Assembly & Test; Banks Engine Programs), and Dragos Toma of Candela Manufacturing,

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Aeromotive logo

LokJaw: Aeromotive

Our Supercharged Duramax diesel engines will make 650+hp. This will require ample and accurate fuel flow. When precise delivery of fuel is required, we call Aeromotive, the

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Brothers Trucks

LokJaw: Brothers Trucks

If you’re restoring a 1947-1987 Chevy or GMC pickup truck, you’ll find everything you need at great prices at Brothers Trucks. We purchased weather strips, rubber moldings,

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Billet Badges

LokJaw: Billet Badges

Billet Badges are known throughout the custom car industry as the leader in unique, high-quality, incredibly detailed badges and emblems for all kinds of vehicles.  They’ve also

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LokJaw: Cerakote

To achieve an ultra-technical, high-temp, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly flat finish with a deep look, we choose Cerakote. In fact, we’re proud to announce BANKS RED, available soon

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Flo Airride MFG

LokJaw: Flo AirRide

The FLO AirRide tank is a modular billet tank specifically designed for air suspension enthusiasts. Now a part of Air Lift Performance, Flo AirRide was founded by

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