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LokJaw Stuns Cars & Coffee Crowd

Banks Power’s LokJaw Steals the Show at Cars & Coffee!

This classic Chevy C20 with a supercharged Duramax heart dominated a sea of exotics! Witness LokJaw, Banks Power’s one-of-a-kind creation, turn heads and leave the competition in the dust at the world’s largest Cars & Coffee event.

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First Diesel Hot Wheels

Diesel Hot Wheels?

Recently, we went to the Hot Wheels Legends Tour to see if it was worthy of becoming the next Hot Wheels toy. If chosen, LokJaw would be

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LokJaw is getting closer to shredding tires!

Shredding Tires Soon!

For more than 40 weeks, the Banks team worked tirelessly to prepare LokJaw for the SEMA Show. Now it’s closer than ever to shredding tires!

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