Crazy truck bed! | BANKS BUILT Ep 35

Late nights and long hours are starting to pay off when Gale stops by Matt’s office for a progress report on the crazy truck bad. Erik unboxes a beautiful pair of Flo AirRide billet aluminum air tanks and Matt shows Gale the intricate underpinnings of the truck bed. Spoiler alert, this episode has a twist

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Flo AirRide air tanks
02:22 Lower bed structure fabrication
03:26 Gale reviews bed design
16:15 Gale reviews the fabrication
21:52 Erik fabricates fuel cell support

Gale’s first question following the CAD drawing reveal is, “are we taking the dent out?” Matt’s CAD drawing shows every dent on the old Chevy.

Our Whipple SUPERCHARGED 2022 Duramax diesel-powered Chevy is set to debut in AMSOIL’s exhibit at the SEMA Show. By the way, the show is in the first week of November. This is not a TV show build with a fake deadline. Everything that happens during episode 35 took place THIS WEEK! 

Matt's CAD drawing of the crazy truck bed showing a huge dent.

Stay tuned to see the crazy truck bed as it’s assembled! Finally, the guys head back up to Empire Fabrication to test fit the lower bed assembly for our pickup. The assembly is made of five pieces that will support the bedsides. Consequently, if they don’t fit, we’ll be going to the SEMA show in November with no truck bed.