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Our Supercharged Duramax diesel engines will make 650+hp. This will require ample and accurate fuel flow. When precise delivery of fuel is required, we call Aeromotive, the experts in fuel management. The 26-year-old family-owned company not only races but track-tests every piece of equipment they make. 

We begin with the 18393 Brushless 5.0 Spur Gear 20 Gallon Fuel Cell with Variable Speed Controller. The system also includes an aircraft filler cap, ORB-10 outlet, AN-08 baffled return and roll-over protected AN-08 vent.  This is the same fuel cell design used in the Ford Cobra Jet, Chevy COPO Camaro, and many of the MOPAR Drag Pack cars. The baffled design keeps fuel at the pump inlet and features a fluted pickup with an integrated 100-m prefilter. Its powerful motor delivers 90-PSI continuous operating pressure and up to 150-PSI peak pressure, base plus boost. 

At the heart of the system is Aeromotive’s True Variable Speed Controller which offers the advantages of built-in pump speed control via a dedicated 0-5V analog DC input signal. The Controller capitalizes on our existing brushless technology by reducing fuel flow during low engine demand and decreasing an already low current draw, therefore minimizing both motor heat the introduction of environmental via reduced fuel recycling.

Diesel filling stations are notorious for contaminated fuel. To keep from destroying our injectors, we chose Aeromotive’s 12364: Extreme Flow 10-m Microglass AN-16 ORB Fuel Filter. The filter flows 9,000 lb/hr (24-GPM) with a clean pressure drop of less than 2-PSI. 

Finally, the Aeromotive 13137 Extreme Flow EFI Regulator features ORB-12 inlet/outlet and return ports. The wide base pressure range of 30-120 PSI makes it perfect for Gasoline, ethanol, alcohol, and diesel applications.

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