Dyno Chassis Construction

In our last progress report on the upgrades happening in Dyno cell #2 we showed the plans that the CAD department had developed for the completed dyno assembly. Just like any structure, it all starts with a foundation, but in this case, that foundation must be extra stout so it can handle the massive torque and twist that it’ll experience.

Prototype Engineer Erik’s task is to build that rock-solid engine dyno chassis which will hold the dyno’s absorber and driveshaft assembly. With proven design elements taken from the dyno cells in Banks Tech, the ones responsible for testing every military engine supplied to Oshkosh for the JLTV program, the AVL-based dyno will be close in design but beefier. Think of it as the big brother to the Banks Tech dynos. Both the Banks Tech and the new engineering dyno setups incorporate docking pins for engine carts and the necessary hookups to quickly lock an engine “module” in place for testing.