Unstoppable DMAX Plant Builds 374 Engines for Banks

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It’s not news to anyone that the COVID-19 virus has ravaged the country, caused businesses and virtually our entire economy to shutter to a halt, and has changed the way we all live our lives. The automotive industry is not immune, and as such plants across the United States have stopped making the needed components to continue to build vehicles… and employees have been furloughed. But to some, the sense of duty and necessity keeps them going.

Banks Tech, a division of Gale Banks Engineering, manufactures a purpose-built Duramax diesel engine based on the architecture of the truck engine. This is the powerplant for the Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (or JLTV for short). This vehicle is the replacement for the aged Humvee fleet our military uses, and is lightyears ahead in capability and occupant protection.

Banks Tech had exhausted their supply of base engines to alter into finished engines for the vehicle. At the request of Gale Banks, the DMAX assembly plant recalled the required employees that were familiar with the engine’s build and reopened for a week to make the needed supply for Banks. In one week they built an entire month’s supply of engines for Banks, 374 of them. These engines will go through the Banks process and be finished to military specifications and sent to the Oshkosh assembly plant for installation into waiting JLTVs. The DMAX plant and their employee’s actions put them, Banks Tech and Oshkosh back to work… and ensured that there would be no delay for the much needed vehicle.