What a Long, Strange Trip its Been

Throwing a bunch of guys together for a seven day, 1,700-mile tour is bound to have its ups and downs. This sign found in Joe’s Crab Shack in Kissimmee, Florida on the last day of Power Tour says it all. The merry bunch of Banks employees (and journalists) that traveled with us now share a common bond and many memories that will last a lifetime.

We did the ‘long haul’ with virtually no problems to speak of and the 2005 Hot rod Magazine Power Tour was a great success. It was an excellent way for Gale Banks Engineering to meet its customers and make new friends and champions for our current and future products.

I’ve gotten e-mails and calls from many of the great people I met on tour since getting back to the office. Many new business and personal relationships have begun as a direct result of our being on tour. We look forward to next year’s Hot Rod Power Tour; hoping it will be even bigger and better. But, just how do you top five high-performance trucks doing the long haul? That’s one we’ll have to figure out.

Here are photos of the five Banks trucks on tour. These images were taken in the beautiful state of Illinois on the drive between Springfield and Indianapolis, Indiana on the second day of driving. I shot these photos hanging out of the passenger seats of the trucks by my seatbelt.

Hot Rod Power Tour Ford F150
Hot Rod Power Tour Dodge Ram
Hot Rod Power Tour Dakota
Hot Rod Power Tour Chevy

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