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Ryan Maher is cooling his RAM

Cool your RAM 6.7L

Learn how to cool your RAM 6.7L with Banks. As your turbo compresses air, it heats it. If you listen to Gale Banks, you know hot air

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Breaking news commercial

Breaking News Commercial

We’re proud to unveil our latest full-length commercial titled, “Breaking News.” In the new spot, a TV reporter finds herself in a middle of an accident where

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Ford PowerStroke convert

Another Convert

Jesse Diaz is a new Banks convert. He owns a 2022 Ford Power Stroke. “When I find a product that checks all the boxes I’ll buy whatever

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Stock Duramax vs Banks

Stock Duramax vs Banks Duramax

Truck Guy Joe Fallon decided to do a comparison test, a stock Duramax against a Banks Duramax. He found himself at Corry-Lawrence Airport’s drag day in Northwestern

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Tiny Mavericks in Banks' North Engineering

Tiny Mavericks, BIG acceleration

Nestled between the conventional-sized trucks in Bank’s North Engineering is a pair of tiny Mavericks. Both of these pint-sized trucks (one powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder and

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