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Power and Safety for 2014 RAM 6.7L

“I finally tackled the project yesterday,” explains Michael Schermerhorn. “Looking at the Monster-Ram box was driving me crazy! Printing out the installation guide made all the difference for me.

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Tundra Owners Want Data Too!

As much as GM, Ford, and RAM owners would like to keep the iDash all to themselves, it’s time that Toyota Tundra and Tacoma owners got a taste of the iDash’s powerful engine monitoring and diagnostics.

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Dana Nevins Ford F-250

Dana Nevins has been building show trucks for about a decade and it’s time for him to build another. He plans to build a new Bronco in

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Banks Wideband O2 Sensor

While the Banks EE department is adding additional circuitry to the design of the upcoming wideband O2 sensor, the CAD department is working on the design of

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Derringer L5P

Deleted L5P vs Derringer L5P

Sometimes people need to experience something for themselves before becoming a believer. You can back up your claims with facts and figures, but still, some people won’t

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