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PedalMonster Wakes Up Hemi

Unleash Hidden Power in Your HEMI RAM with Banks PedalMonster!

Restore responsiveness and eliminate throttle lag in your HEMI-powered RAM with the Banks PedalMonster. This customer testimonial showcases how PedalMonster transformed a 2019 RAM 1500 5.7L, resulting in:

• Instantaneous Throttle Response: Experience a dramatic improvement in acceleration and eliminate frustrating lag.
• Customizable Power Levels: Fine-tune performance with multiple modes and adjustable intensity levels.
• Safe and Reliable: OBD-II powered design ensures stable operation and prevents accidental limp mode.
• Reverse Safety Feature: Maintains normal throttle response when reversing for added peace of mind.

Ready to rediscover the thrill of driving your HEMI RAM? Learn more about Banks PedalMonster and upgrade your ride today!

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’24 RAM with 900 Miles Goes Banks

Unleash Power & Efficiency in Your Brand-New 2024 Ram 3500 with Banks Power!

Turn your dream truck into a powerhouse. This customer story showcases how Banks Power upgrades transformed a brand-new 2024 Ram 3500 3500 HD, boosting performance, improving fuel economy, and enhancing reliability.

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Mega Cab gets Mega Better

“I’ve had the PedalMonster for a couple of months now,” explains Jeff Murlock, who installed the Banks throttle response controller on his 2021 RAM 2500.

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