Time Travel or Power Tour Epilogue

And so here is yet another late entry in my log of blogs. Let’s set the clock back… back… back… to June 8th…

… So this is my first time flying Southwest… and I have to tell you it ain’t bad. Oh, I’m sure that if it was packed like my flight to Milwaukee I would have much more to say. But hey, airlines don’t always smash as many folks as they can into a tiny plane like it was a dare or something… do they? The thing I thought was funny was that there are no assigned seats on Southwest, and it was every person for themselves. What a hoot it was to see everyone running to be first in line. I even got caught up in the rush. Hah… that little old lady never knew what hit her.

Well, if someone were to ask me if the Power Tour was worth it, I’d have to answer “hell ya”! Where else could you go where there is a sea of pure power on four wheels, with some of the friendliest folks around? I mean it, not a jerk among them. The best part was that they were totally accepting of us and our vehicles, and let’s face it… we were the invaders. When you think of “hot rods” you don’t really think of a 4X4 with a diesel engine in it, but truth be told the times are a-changing. Our mini fleet were hot rods in every way: they were overkill, flashy, and could spin the tires till the rubber became molten shards of rage. The difference between our versions and the traditional idea of a hot rod is that you can haul lumber, groceries, a TV, and the family… all at stupid speed. Yeah! Of course, if you’re not careful in ours you may eventually run over a Chrysler Crossfire or something (whistles innocently).

There’s something else I learned on my travels: some of the states we went through aren’t allergy-friendly. Chicago and Milwaukee both looked as if there was a horrible simultaneous accident on every street involving chicken trucks. I’ve never seen so much junk floating through the air for so long! Sneezing for days… what a drag.

And now here we are in the futuristic time of the present…

Anyhow, it’s good to be home and back at the grind. Hopefully, I can get caught up with my blogs dazzling you all with wisdom, insight, and dumb laughs.

… one can only hope.

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