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CK Truck Magazine LokJaw

CK Truck Magazine: LokJaw

This article about LokJaw originally appeared in CK Truck Magazine, and was written by Fuelish Media. Best known for specializing in performance products for both consumers and

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First Diesel Hot Wheels

Diesel Hot Wheels?

Recently, we went to the Hot Wheels Legends Tour to see if it was worthy of becoming the next Hot Wheels toy. If chosen, LokJaw would be

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Hot Wheels comes to life

Hot Wheels Comes to Life!

LokJaw, our supercharged Duramax-powered ’66 Chevy, along with some of the most incredible cars ever created were on display as Hot Wheels came to life. Legends 2022

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'65 Impala owner gets all the information needed via Banks products

Seeking Information via Banks

Robert “Bear” Fulmer was seeking information. He watched the Banks YouTube Channel and was inspired by how Gale Banks adds the element of teaching. “I saw you guys doing

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