Diesel Mechanics Choose Banks

Rocky Rohde is a diesel mechanic and it’s in his professional opinion that Banks products are superior. He installed a Banks DerringerPedalMonsteriDash SuperGauge on their Duramax-powered 2023 GMC Sierra Denali HD.

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Rocky does a great job explaining the features and benefits of the products. He explains why he chose them over other competitive products on the market. Many diesel mechanics would agree.

iDash is the gauge chosen by diesel mechanics.

Additionally, PedalMonster’s Reverse Mode puts the product in a whole class of its own. “Whenever you put it in reverse the truck won’t speed up and go backward real fast. So, it’s going to be stock when you put it in reverse. When you put it in drive, that’s when you’ll feel the difference added from the PedalMonster.” He continued that there were 30 levels of sensitivity, so the PedalMonster could be tailored to basically anyone’s liking.

iDash has a great gauge layout menu.

For those thinking that Rocky is on the Banks payroll, he puts any thoughts of that to rest: “I’m not associated with Banks in any way. I am a diesel mechanic and have been one all my life. The reason why I like the Derringer and iDash is let’s say you put a random module on your truck, all that it’s doing is increasing your fuel rail pressure. It’s not getting any information, just increasing that pressure. The Derringer pulls all the info needed. And it’s emissions-compliant in all 50 States.”

Lots of diesel mechanics choose Banks products because of the engineering and testing that goes into everything we make.