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Stock Duramax vs Banks

Stock Duramax vs Banks Duramax

Truck Guy Joe Fallon decided to do a comparison test, a stock Duramax against a Banks Duramax. He found himself at Corry-Lawrence Airport’s drag day in Northwestern

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Tiny Mavericks in Banks' North Engineering

Tiny Mavericks, BIG acceleration

Nestled between the conventional-sized trucks in Bank’s North Engineering is a pair of tiny Mavericks. Both of these pint-sized trucks (one powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder and

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Old Car gets smart

Old Car Gets Smart

Andrew, known to his viewers as Repair Geek, has made quite a series on how he’s enhancing his ’01 Ford Mustang and prepping it for a cross-country

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iDash Get Smart

Get Smart with iDash

The iDash DataMonster and iDash SuperGauge open a portal into the vital inner workings of your car or truck to help you get smart.

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Kill Cummins Pedal Lag

Brian loves the torque of his Cummins engine, but he can’t stand its sluggish response. He had to kill Cummins pedal lag, so he added the Banks PedalMonster

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