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2012 Banks Powers ICON-ic Truck

ICON Lead Designer and Chief Executive Jonathan Ward planned his next classic automotive design build around the anvil-strong Cummins 5.9L powertrain, heading straight to Gale Banks for

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New Tuner Development for RAM

Banks engineers are feverishly at work on an all-new performance engine tuner for RAM trucks equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins engine. These trucks, which range from 2013

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Lorenzo Martin’s 2018 GMC L5P Duramax

Lorenzo Martin could feel a big difference after having the Banks Ram-Air Intake, Derringer, iDash DataMonster, Monster Exhaust, Ram-Air Differential Cover and the new PedalMonster installed all at the same time at the Banks facility

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Derringer L5P

Deleted L5P vs Derringer L5P

Sometimes people need to experience something for themselves before becoming a believer. You can back up your claims with facts and figures, but still, some people won’t

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