2018 GMC Sierra with a 6.2-liter Gas Engine

Brandon loves his 2018 GMC truck but admits that it has a little bit of lag. After the quick installation and download of the Banks PedalMonster app on his phone, he was ready for the road and experienced the results immediately. Brandon decided to start at the City Mode and moved the intensity level to the halfway mark. “Oh yeah,” exclaimed Brandon, “I feel it immediately… I really do! This is crazy! Man, this is just City Mode…? We need to try Sport Mode!” After setting the PedalMonster on Sport Mode also at the halfway mark, Brandon was even more impressed. “We’ve removed about 80% of the turdness I would say. Let’s see if Track can get the other percent knocked out?”

Brandon’s testing took him and his truck down a path that he normally drives every day, and was pretty astonished at the difference between what he had come to know as the norm compared to the drastic changes the PedalMonster makes. “Subconsciously, I know where it’s going to lag and I’m surprising myself right now.”