Monster-Ram, Power, Mileage, Peace of Mind

“I wanted to do these both at the same time,” says Bill Pruchnik about installing a Monster-Ram and Ram-Air Differential Cover on his 2018 RAM 6.7L. She’s getting up there in mileage, and I was getting ready to make a trip. I’m an auto mechanic by trade, and I was at a Dodge dealership working on Rams in the 90’s. When I saw that grid heater bolt problem, I became very interested in learning more about the issue. I don’t need to put $20,000 into rebuilding an engine for a truck that cost me $40k. I’m not doing it! I don’t know what they were thinking. I just don’t understand how they could not have designed a better heater assembly. That’s the intake to your engine. Why would you jeopardize it by having something that could fall in?”

“I was originally attracted to the Monster-Ram because of the design and performance gains, but when I started looking at the videos it became apparent that I needed to change my stock one. My grid heater wasn’t horrible, but it was loose. Could I have gone another 100,000 miles on it? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not going to take a $20,000 gamble. After getting it, I looked at the difference between the sizes and designs of the intakes, and I couldn’t believe how small and choked out the stock was compared to the Banks.

Installing the Monster-Ram did give me a performance and mileage jump, but let me tell you about the mileage first. Here in Jersey, we had the winter mix fuel when I did it, and driving to work I’d get maybe 15-16 mpg. After installing the Monster-Ram, I started seeing 18 to 21 mpg! I haven’t towed with my fifth wheel yet, but I’m sure the mileage will surprise me. Performance-wise, the truck does not hesitate like it did when you step on the throttle. Off-the-line power is crisper, and you can hear the air being fed into the engine when the truck accelerates. It is an incredibly good addition to the engine.”

“I went for the Ram-Air Differential because I wanted more cooling. Whenever we go to Florida, we’re always trailering, whether it be a fifth wheel or a car trailer. I always want to make sure that I have adequate cooling and that includes the rear gears. The Banks Diff Cover checks all of the boxes, and like the Monster-Ram, it just makes the truck better.”