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Dave Talks Monster-Ram

Struggling for more power and worried about expensive engine problems? Your truck might be gasping for air! Learn how proper airflow can boost horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent common issues like grid heater bolt failure in RAM trucks with 6.7L Cummins engines. Discover how performance air intake systems like the Banks Monster-Ram can transform your vehicle’s performance and save you money in the long run.

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Doug Fisher’s Mangled RAM Piston

Save Your Engine! Avoid Catastrophic RAM 2500 Grid Heater Bolt Failure

This guide details a common, yet critical RAM 2500 issue: grid heater bolt failure. Learn how to prevent this costly engine disaster and the steps to take if it happens to you.

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No More L5P Turbo Surge!

Stop Turbo Surge & Boost Power with Banks Monster-Ram for Duramax L5P!

Is your aftermarket intake causing turbo problems? This owner story details how the Banks Monster-Ram intake horn eliminated turbo surge and improved performance in a 2017-2024 Duramax L5P.

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Bolt Proofing At Banks

Upgrade Your RAM 2500 for Power, Efficiency, & Towing with Banks Power!

Washington resident Ty Thompson makes the trek to Banks PowerHouse for a performance boost. This customer story highlights how Banks Power products can enhance your RAM truck’s capabilities, both on and off-road.

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A Trusted Part Of Ram Build

Struggling to Tow? Conquer Any Adventure with the RAM 6.7L

Adventurous Canadians Sara and Ryan French traded in their Jeep for a powerful RAM 6.7L after overheating issues plagued their trailer-pulling dreams. Upgraded with an AEV Prospector XL package, the new RAM boasts a 3-inch lift, massive tire clearance, and the strength to handle any terrain. But the couple didn’t stop there. To prevent a costly heater grid problem, they visited Gale Banks and installed a PowerPack Bundle for ultimate peace of mind. Learn how the RAM 6.7L can conquer your next adventure!

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Power and Longevity, Not Bling

Breathe Easy & Boost Power: Protect Your 2020 RAM 2500 with Banks Monster-Ram!

Concerned about grid heater bolt failure in your 6.7L Cummins RAM? Anass Zaher found the solution with a Banks Monster-Ram intake system

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Dave’s Automotive / Monster Engines

Protect Your RAM 6.7L Engine with Monster-Ram from Dave’s Automotive & Monster Engines!

Prevent costly repairs and safeguard your RAM truck’s engine. This Utah shop specializes in preventative maintenance and performance upgrades for diesel trucks, including:

Monster-Ram Installation: Address the common grid heater bolt issue in RAM 6.7L engines.
Engine Rebuilds: Expert engine rebuilds for gas and diesel vehicles.
Banks Power Upgrades: Authorized dealer for Banks Power performance parts like intercoolers, air intakes, gauges, and more.
Family-owned and operated for over 30 years, Dave’s Automotive & Monster Engines prioritizes preventative maintenance to keep your truck running strong.

Contact them today!

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Duramax with Banks PowerPack

Unleash Duramax Power & Efficiency with Banks PowerPack!

Turn your Duramax into a towing and hauling beast! This customer story showcases how a Banks PowerPack transformed a 2022 Chevy Duramax, boosting power, fuel economy, and driver experience.

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’24 RAM with 900 Miles Goes Banks

Looking for the most reliable performance upgrade for your Ram 3500?

Brian McDonald, a recent retiree, took his brand new 2024 Ram 3500 straight to Banks’ SoCal installation center to get it outfitted with top-of-the-line Banks Power products. He wanted to ensure his truck would last for generations, and Banks’ Monster-Ram, Ram-Air Intake, Boost Tube Upgrade, and Monster Exhaust were the perfect solution. Not only did the upgrades improve performance and fuel efficiency, but Brian is confident they’ll ensure the longevity of his truck. Read the full story to see how Banks Power can take your Ram 3500 to the next level!

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