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Dream RAM comes to life with Banks

Dream RAM Comes to Life

Andy knew that if there was one thing that he could do to his truck, it needed to have Banks performance parts on it. Making it his dream RAM.

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Kill Cummins Pedal Lag

Brian loves the torque of his Cummins engine, but he can’t stand its sluggish response. He had to kill Cummins pedal lag, so he added the Banks PedalMonster

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Cool Diff Cover

Cool Diff Cover Review

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of reviews about our Cool Diff Covers, and they’re all awesome! Here’s one from customer Ray U. “I love my new cool

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RAM gets better breathing

Better Breathing Made Easy

James O’Neill wanted to improve his new 2022 Ram 3500 HD’s breathing so he installed the Banks Boost Tubes, Monster Ram Intake, and the Ram-Air Intake at the same time. “The

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