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Kroeker-Banks RAM Cummins at the 2004 Baja Race

2004 Baja Race Invaded by Diesel

Other than an 8-point roll cage, 44-gallon fuel cell, KORE suspension, race seats, and chassis reinforcements, the Kroeker-Banks KORE 2003 Dodge Ram Cummins-powered truck was stock. The

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2019-22 RAM 6.7L Boost Tubes

Banks Boost-Tubes for the 2019-22 RAM 6.7L Cummins liberate horsepower by improving engine efficiency. Removing stock restrictions increases mass airflow. This denser air allows the engine to maintain

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RAM 6.7L Billet Intake Plate

Included in every Monster-Ram Gen 2 intake system is a High-Flow Billet Intake Plate. This machined aluminum plate replaces the restrictive stock grid heater and allows the Monster-Ram to

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